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Snow/Ice From: 21-01-2018 20:00 Until: 22-01-2018 08:00 warning for: Snow/Ice Level: Yellow info button
Snowfall locally mainly over mountains

Χιονοπτώσεις κυρίως στα ορεινά αλλά και σε περιοχές της βόρειας Ελλάδας με χαμηλότερο υψόμετρο 

Zambretti forecast

Stormy, much precipitation


Few Clouds Few Clouds Cloud Base
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Cooler:  0,1 °C than last hour. -0.1 /hr


Feels like: 6°C

 Inside: 22,5°C

  High Low
Today 6,5°C (02:46) 6,0°C (01:39)
Yesterday 8,9°C (10:43) 6,1°C (20:13)
Monthly 14,0°C (01-01) 3,4°C (15-01)
Yearly 14,0°C (01-01) 3,4°C (15-01)
alltime 35,9°C


Rain Today:0,0 mm

Rain Rate/hr:0,0 mm

Yesterday:14,4 mm

This Month:62,4 mm

Season Total:67,5 mm


Wind from N

Wind from N
3,6 km/h

1 Bft
Light air

5,0 km/h

Gust today:
25,6 km/h at 02:05


Sun†:   sunrise  07:42 sunset  17:40

Moon:  moonrise  10:45 moonset  22:54

Waxing Crescent
23% Illuminated

Humidity & Barometer

Humidity: Increased by:  2,0% the last hour. 88%

Dew Point: Increased by:  0,2 °C the last hour. 4,3°C

Barometer: Falling 0,2  hPa /hr 1002,1 hPa

Trend: Steady

UV Index Forecast more information

uv index rounded


1,8   Low 

UV Index Forecast more information

uv index rounded


1,6   Low 


Station Graphs


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Cloud movement


Arachova Arachova Arachova

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Updated: Sunday 21 January 2018 - 21:40
Next update: Monday 22 January 2018 - 10:00

Weather forecast for Arachova Parnassos
by: Almond House-Arachova weather site

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